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​​The research group "Cold Atoms in Bordeaux" (CAB) is devoted to the use of atomic waves, either to exploit the unrivaled sensitivity of matter-wave interferometers or to develop quantum simulators where the atoms are used to study the properties of transport and propagation in exotic potentials.


This research team is part of the LP2N laboratory of the "Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine" (IOA) in Bordeaux, France.


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Ultracold atoms and matter-waves
We are exploring the physics of ultracold atoms and matter-waves through 7 research projects.
  • ALCALINF studies the interplay between quantum mechanics and gravity with strontium atom interferometry.
  • AUFRONS brings ultracold atoms close to nanostructures to create new quantum simulators for condensed matter.
  • BIARO uses ultracold atoms in a resonant cavity to explore quantum physics and squeezing.
  • Cryst3 uses ultracold atoms in a hollow core fiber to observe self-ordering phenomena.
  • ICE brings atom interferometry in microgravity for studying the frontiers of General Relativity.
  • iXAtom joins academic research with industrial R&D to design the next generation of onboard inertial sensors.
  • MIGA is a large infrastructure to study Gravitational Wave physics.
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