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This research team is part of the LP2N laboratory of the "Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine" (IOA) in Bordeaux, France.

​​The research group "Cold Atoms in Bordeaux" (CAB) is devoted to the use of atomic waves, either to exploit the unrivaled sensitivity of matter-wave interferometers or to develop quantum simulators where the atoms are used to study the properties of transport and propagation in exotic potentials.



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Ultracold atoms and matter-waves
We are exploring the physics of ultracold atoms and matter-waves through 6 research projects.
  • ALCALINF studies the interplay between quantum mechanics and gravity with Strontium atom interferometry.
  • AUFRONS brings ultracold atoms close to nanostructures to create new quantum simulators for condensed matter.
  • BIARO uses ultracold atoms in a resonant cavity to explore quantum physics and squeezing.
  • ICE brings atom interferometry in microgravity for studying the frontiers of General Relativity.
  • iXAtom joins academic research with industrial R&D to design the next generation of navigation systems.
  • MIGA is a large infrastructure to study Gravitation Wave physics.
  • Cryst3 uses ultracold atoms in a hollow core fiber to observe self-ordering phenomena.
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